◆ Operation Consultation

◇ Setting up a new company in Taipei
◇ Provide enough incubation space
◇ Assist in application for lower interest loan
◇ Assist in drafting business plans
◇ Assist in company or factory establishment and registration application
◇ Assist in establishing company systems
◇ Recommend or recruit excellent employees

◆ Research and Development

◇ Provide guidance and consultation of technology
◇ Deal with application for NTU Clinical Test Center
◇ Offer various technical training programs
◇ Participate with other research institutions
◇ Commission for using the University Laboratory
◇ Assist in application for government’s R&D grant
◇ Commission for R&D projects through academic and industry cooperation

◆ Business Management

◇ Consulting service for business management
◇ Individual administration
◇ Offer general education courses
◇ Assist in planning for finance
◇ Integrate human resources
◇ Provide intercommunication among resident companies

◆ Market Extension

◇ Provide marketing information
◇ Hold the products exhibition
◇ Arrange sales promotions on media
◇ Assist in attending domestic or foreign exhibition
◇ Hold various technology extension & research meetings
◇ Assist in setting up marketing channels and strategic alliances

◆ Enterprise Development

◇ Collaborate with venture capitals
◇ Extend and develop commercial network
◇ Promote the image of incubated enterprises
◇ Assist enterprises in planning mid- and long-term development